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The Universal Scabbarb

The PACO System’s scabbards (from now on referred to as PACOs) are tools that complement the attire of Historical Fencing, a martial art that rescues and puts into practice the knowledge of fencing and handling of white weapons specific to both Spanish Destreza and other European martial arts. As these are more scientific than competitive disciplines, the techniques used during their practice are not excessively forceful or aggressive.

The PACOs, being tools and not weapons, are not meant to receive or withstand strong blows, but rather to carry a weapon safely and practically, and never as a defensive or offensive element.

The PACOs are designed to withstand the friction of the entry and exit of steel weapons, as long as they are maintained properly and do not have edges or nicks that could wear down the PACO.

The straps that hold the PACO to the waist over the jacket or training clothing contain plastic, polypropylene, and nickel parts that must be treated and adjusted carefully by the user.

Maintenance guide:

The PACOs and all their components contain plastic, polypropylene, and nickel parts, so it’s important to store them in a cool, dry place, without prolonged exposure to moisture or sunlight.

The 3D-printed parts of the PACO are sturdy, but they can be damaged by torsion, so it’s recommended not to put excessive weight on the PACO when storing or handling it.

Customized PACOs undergo a direct screen printing process on the material, so special care is recommended in that area, as any rubbing can damage the print.


If you wish to return your PACOs, you may do so within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the shipment or direct sale, without the need for justification and without incurring any costs except those mentioned below:

  • The customer will be responsible for shipping the items to the following address: ADDRESS.
  • PACO System will be responsible for returning the cost of the order, excluding the cost of transport to the customer.

PACO System will not accept returns for used products unless they have some kind of defect resulting from the construction or assembly process.

These return conditions do not apply to customized or made-to-measure products for the customer, unless they have some kind of defect resulting from the construction or assembly process.

After the 14-day period, the product still has a 2-year warranty, and refunds may be issued in the cases specified here.

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