PACO System

The Original Universal
Magnetic Scabbard



PACO System was born from the wide experience in the practice of historical fencing and from the idea of freeing the hands between assaults, lessons and demonstrations. The knowledge available in terms of treatises, period paintings, archives and historical objects define the not uncommon use of the talabarte to carry a sword in the civilian, academic or military field. The talabarte has always been a complement to the sword, a comfortable and beautiful tool that allowed to carry a weapon without the need to carry it in the hand. The talabartes have not managed to survive until the practice of modern fencing, both in sport and historical fencing, and have been relegated to more recreational contexts. Historically correct replicas of them exist today, but they lack practicality and dynamism in the field of historical fencing.

PACO System reinvents the scabbarb to adapt it to the needs of a modern fencing fencer, using modern materials and construction methods of the XXI century to provide extra functionality to the practice of historical fencing. Its design has taken into account both the quality of the materials and their adaptation and customization to each fencer:

  • Comfortable, it allows you to have your hands free during an explanation, at an exhibition or simply between classes or between rounds.
  • Dynamic, it allows to draw and unsheathe without the need to aim.
  • Versatile, it adapts to any type of weapon, from hand-held swords to sabers to huge hand and half swords.
  • Useful, allowing a better conservation of the weapons, by not having to carry them in the hand or leave them on the ground.


Approximately 200g


For all types of weapons


Always have your weapons at hand


Modern and renewed design

PACO Warrior

Modern and compact design: Our experience has led us to redesign the PACO with more organic shapes that better adapt to swords and fencers.

Lightweight and robust material: We have further lightened the PACO with state-of-the-art materials thanks to laser 3D printing.

Powerful magnets: The original PACO System magnet system allows you to hold any type of steel sword in place, even when in motion.

Resilient: The modern materials of the PACO Warrior give it high resistance to impacts and abrasions.

* Not suitable for direct heavy blows.

PACO Scholar

Modern and durable design, with high quality 3D printed materials, as well as high strength polypropylene straps.

Lightweight materials, the PACO with all its straps weights less than 200g. Adjustable straps to suit the needs and preferences of the shooter.

Detachable straps, to allow replacement of individual parts or customization of the PACO.

Easy to remove, in case you prefer not to wear it, the buckle system allows a quick release.

The magnet system inside the slot where the sword rests secures it in place and prevents it from moving or sliding.

* Not suitable for combat or direct hits.

* For display purposes. Check PACO Warrior

PACO Guardian

PACO System continues to innovate in the world of HEMA, as it has been doing for more than a year, integrating 3D designs and historical fencing. We present the new PACO Guardian, the ideal element to safely button any type of sword. Made of flexible materials and high strength, it adapts to any tip and allows to perform thrusts in a safe way for our opponent.

During the months of design and development that have resulted in this model, we have tested with different swords, cuts and tricks, proving that the plug stays in place. It has also been tested for hundreds of hours of classes and assaults that the PACO Guardian has withstood without problems, proving its durability and resistance like no other.

PACO Guardian comes in 5 sizes, from 1 to 5 for different sword sizes and morphologies, and in various colors: black, white, red, yellow and blue. Pick your style!

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* Recommended to put a bit of tape at the bottom to prevent hooking to the opponents blade and avoid loosening of the PACO Guardian.


Original design that traces the history of fencing from the 14th century to the present day. Illustrated with original images from period treatises and their most representative masters.
S – M – L – XL – 2XL
100% cotton


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